Interactive Presentation

We created online interactive presentations to introduce Arm technology in day-to-day digital space, such as Mobile Gaming. Each

DevSummit 2020 teaser

For the introduction of Gen Arm 2Z at Arm DevSummit 2020, we produced an teaser showcasing the key elements of this presentation.

DevSummit 2020 App Demo

This animation was created to present PlanPal, an app created by Gen Arm 2Z ambassadors. It was presented to the public during Arm DevSummit 2020.

Made Possible: Misty Robot

Made Possible by Arm is a video series about stories on how people are making a difference, spanning across nations, industries and generations. We created multiple social media assets to accompany the released of each video. Misty Robot is a platform like nothing the developer world has ever seen.

Amazon Web Services

Social media assets to teach about the partnership between AWS Graviton Processors and Arm Neoverse Cores.